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HadCRUT5 Non-Infilled

findable doi: https://doi.org/10.80519/621d-8cb2

Combined land [CRUTEM5] and marine [HadSST4] temperature anomalies on a 5° by 5° grid with geographical coverage limited to grid cells close to where we have measurements (Morice et al., 2021)

89 Citations

Publish the needle in your haystack

Data needs to be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone, anytime and everywhere.

Why publish your data?

Your data is valuable. Your data needs to be interrogated, corroborated and expanded. If groups make information they hold available for everyone, it can be used for all sorts of things by all sorts of people. Whether it’s about government spending, new scientific research or even the 'danceability' of tracks for your next house party playlist.

  • Open Collaboration

    An open approach to conducting research includes taking an openly collaborative approach. This encompasses fostering relationships with and working alongside other researchers, often from other disciplines, taking new approaches such as openly posing research questions online and involving the public in the actual process of research.

  • Reproducibility & FAIR Data Principles

    Publishing with asencis ensures that your research is findable, accessible , interoperable and re-usable. This adherenace to FAIR data publishing principles is key to the open data collection. We adhere to these principles by giving you the technical infrastruture, standardisation and technical integrations (newly minting Digital Object Identifiers) neccessary for your data to be easily discoverable, citable and open.

  • Public Engagement

    Transparency and public engagement is an important aspect of open research and one that is now often a requirement of research funders. It’s about ensuring that the public, often the ultimate funder of research themselves, is made aware of research outputs in a way that they can understand and also knows how to access research outputs and make use of them.

  • Better Science

    Open data = better science. The two are linearly proportional. Open data is about making raw data from research quickly available to anyone so that they can interrogate and re-use it.

Joel Felipe | Experimental Liquids

© Photo Credit Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Connect your data and help settle the big questions in your field

Let your data do the talking, and help answer the most pressing questions of the day by appending your data to a particular hypothesis, adding weight where your data tells you to.

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Searching for datasets should be intuitive and on demand, giving you access to the cutting edge of research and data in your field of study. Finding data should be easy.

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$99 /mo

Our opening level open data sharing package

  • Account Level Access

    25 User Sign Ons

  • RESTful API and GraphQL Access

    Self-documenting and queryable RESTful and GraphQL API endpoints for your data

  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Generator

    Your data will be published with a unique DOI code via the DataCite Registration Agency

  • Universal Data Formats

    Your data can be accessible in .csv, .json, .txt, .shp, .shx, .dbf and .tif depending on your data type.

  • Data Storage

    Self-documenting RESTful and GraphQL API endpoints for your data

Premium Package


$999 /mo

Our institutional level open data sharing package

  • Unlimited Account Level Access

    Unlimited User Sign Ons

  • Dedicated Database Cluster Resource

    16GB dedicated RAM / 6vCPUs / 270GB disk space

  • Dedicated & Containerised Cluster Server Resource

    Kubernetes container-orchestration on 13GB usable RAM (16GB total) / 6 vCPUs distributed across 2 cluster nodes.

  • Unlimited Data Uploads

    Unlimited publishes and re-publishes of data per month

  • Database Sharding Service

    Cross-citations between database tables via our bespoke sharding technology for massive, inter-relational data storage

Institutional Package Plus

Does your institution, organisation or department need more than what we're offering? TB size databases? Unlimited DOI generation?

Are you ready to publish your scientific data?

Mint your data with a doi.org indexed Digital Object identifier whilst making your data globally accessible and open with structured data support*, a browsable API and accompanying meta data.

*(JSON linked data Google Scholar verified)

    N.B. The above datasets are purely for demonstrative purposes only.