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We want to be your open data publishing platform of choice

Data is always something you want to publish, and protect. But making your data open to all will make your science more robust, and ultimately more useful.

asencis Ltd | Empowering researchers through open data collaboration

We can't just have open data publishing - we need to connect the dots for the people it will benefit, whilst supporting the researchers with the tools they need to help humanity. That's the commitment we are making, helping to expand the iniatives of the open data collective.

Michael Roberts, Founder & CTO at asencis

On a mission to empower your data

Here at asencis, we believe open data isn't just about simply publishing your data. Open data principles should be baked into your workflow. Open data starts a the point of collaboration, continues with publishing the data and finishes with excellent public outreach.

Achieving this isn't easy, but by presenting your data alongside a high-level "question" will help connect the dots for your research. Interpretations can be peer-reviewed, and will benefit your research specialism allowing for unmacthed discovery. For example, the extent of global warming we've seen since the beginning of the Holocene period, within a margin of error, is now quite well-established. But just what data drives this interprectation? This process will help to quash the myths, improve public understanding and improve the impact of your research outputs.

Your data has never been more valuable to society. But with that value, the pressing need is now for understanding - which can only come through transparency, interrogation and collaboration. We're here to help provide the infrastructure you need to perform your research with these tenets in mind.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why should I publish my data with asencis?

The hardest question we have to answer. "Why us?" Because we're comitted to the open data collective. We want to help build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem, where people and institutions can make better decisions using unabridged scientific data. This approach is at our very core. Without open data collections, people, governments and commerical interests can't encovering potential benefits and better manage any harmful impacts of the research we all pay for.

Why should I publish my data at all?

Your data is **extremely** valuable to society. Your data needs to be interrogated, corroborated and expanded. If groups make information they hold available for everyone, it can be used for all sorts of things by all sorts of people. Whether it’s about government spending, new scientific research or even the 'danceability' of tracks for your next house party playlist, it will be useful to someone, somewhere - and may help make society the best it can be.

What is the goal of asencis?

Our goal is to help support researchers and research teams, sometimes distributed over multiple continents and timezones, to conduct the very best qualitative and quantitative research they can. We aim to do this by providing a flexible, persistent data storage solution. This solution is combined with our unique selling point: your data is exposed as both a RESTful API and a GraphQL API. This means anyone, anywhere can access, interrogate and collaborate with your data.

How do our values help achieve this goal?

We want to help steward your publishable data, helping you maintain, access and share it wherever it is needed or wanted. We want to take the technical complexity of database design, data types, formats and API building away from institutions and researchers to help streamline the publishing of your datasets for all.

What are your opinions on our data?

We're data agnostic. Because we're not qualified to analyse. It's not up to us to conclude or decide what to do with data, instead we advocate for and support practices that increase trust and trustworthiness within research, as well as provide as many technical, but language neutral, tools as possible to researchers to help then understand the data. We want to be the platform of peer review for data.

Why do you charge for storing our data?

The second hardest question we have to answer. We don't want to. Genuinely. Unfortunately, data infrastructure is expensive and delicate. It requires constant maintainence and requires a lot of financial resource. We also need to build you the tools you want and need. We're hoping our first iteration will be the platform from which you can conduct world class resaearch and open data sharing, but I'm sure there is a niche data format or use case where we will need to employ all of our technical resource and prowess to help achieve your needs.

Do I always have ownership of my data?

Yes. We'll provide the infrastructure for hosting your data, and will guarantee an uptime of 99%, as well as poviding the infrastructure for registering Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) so your data can be citable and credited to you.

Can I use other platforms to share my data?

Yes, of course! But we would like you to choose us.