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Searching for datasets should be intuitive and on demand, giving you access to the cutting edge of research and open data in your field of study. Search through the most relevant public datasets.

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Mint your data with a doi.org indexed Digital Object identifier whilst making your data globally accessible and open with structured data support*, a browsable API and accompanying meta data. *(JSON linked data Google Scholar verified)

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Datasets are best discovered through their interlinking relationship. Search through the master list of publicly curated collections and discover the datasets most relevant to your field.

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Curate a collection of datasets, and allow for better relational discovery of your research data.

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Interested in datasets for a particular field of study or discipline? Use our domains model for dataset discovery by academic disciplines.

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Connect your data and help settle the big questions in your field, and help answer the most pressing questions of the day by appending your data to a particular hypothesis, adding weight where your data tells you to.

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